photostatement #1: STUDYING

Studying is when you/r/the…

  1. load your brain with information for your quizzes the next day.
  2. chapters of your book become one of your playlists.6
  3. stay up late and hope there’s still information entering in your head.8
  4. focus so hard on that one slide/page and it still makes no sense to you. 5
  5. realized you’re not only mentally and physically tired, but also emotionally tired.3
  6. hope you can eat all the information and it will still be stored in your brain.DSC_0755
  7. crawl out for air.2
  8. decided to give up and realized you need to pass that exam.1


[Photostatements is a series where words, phrases, or feelings, through my/other’s perspective are brought into life by a set of pictures]

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