4 Photo Moods to Try Using VSCO

Although currently I use a different application to edit my photos, the VSCO app is still one of my go-to photo editing app when I want to post-process my pictures quickly. I use VSCO way back when it was a year old, and until now, I’m having a hard time picking which filters to use since there’s a bunch of them to choose from and all of them are sooo good.

I experimented, tried different filters, and tweaked them to try to achieve the tone or “feels” that I have in my mind. So here are 4 photo moods you should try on VSCO:

(Number 1 tip: before you edit your photos, ALWAYS turn the brightness of your phone/screen all the way up to see the full quality of the image)

1. Bleached

Filter used: A4 (Paid)

(Exposure: +0.5 | Contrast: -1.4 | Sharpen +2.5 | Saturation -0.5 | Shadows +0.5 | Temperature: +1.5 | Vignette +0.2 | Fade: 2.0)

2. Chill

I suggest using it when: There are some warm tones in the photos as this can make the photo a cooler, but not too much, also when there’s water in the picture.

Filter used: E7/Essence (Paid)

(Exposure: +0.4 | Contrast: +0.5 | Highlights: +1.3 | Skintone: -1.5 | Fade: +1.5 | Temperature: -1.5 | Sharpen: 1.5)

3. Beach

Filter used: HYPEBEASSST!/HB2 (Free)

(Exposure: +0.5 | Contrast: -0.5 | Sharpen: +1.5 | Saturation: +1.2 | Highlights: +1.5 | Fade: +1.0 | Vignette: +0.5 | Skin Tone: -4.0 | Tint: +5.0 | Temperature: +2.6 + | Shadows Tint (Orange): +2.0)

I have to say that I used this filter I think for the longest time since for me it works with kinda all of my photos before haha.

4. Solitude

Filter used: M3/Mood (Free)

Make sure to play around with the shadows or the exposure bar because when I’m using this filter some areas of the photo get too dark.

(Exposure: +0.5 | Contrast: +0.4 | Clarity: +2.0 | Fade: +0.5 | Shadows Tint (Orange): +4.0 | Saturation: -1.0 | Temperature: +0.5)


That is all for now! Guys, remember that editing photos is a process. Applying these filters and adjustments to your pictures may not have the same outcome as mine. These are just ideas on how you can achieve certain looks for your photos. Continue to explore different filters and adjust the photo to your own taste.

Enjoy editing! 🙂

Comment down below on what mood do you like best and what would you like to see next, don’t forget to leave a like if you did like this post, and follow to stay updated!

Thank you! Sayonara~



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